Three Ways Platinum Can Make Your Resolutions Come True

Fitness and overall health are always common themes for New Year’s resolutions, and at Platinum Fitness, we’re here to help you achieve them this year! Health is of prime importance in everyone’s life, with an incredible payoff that you can see and feel. However, making realistic, healthy fitness goals are sometimes difficult– especially when it comes to making the plans come true! That’s where we can help. Take a look at these three major ways that we can assist you:

1 – Our classes can keep you on track. Classes are a great way to workout without needing to focus on planning, getting lost in monotony, or losing motivation spending your gym time alone. Our instructors will keep you on your toes with classes prepared for every level of fitness in a wide variety of workouts!

2 – We have certified trainers to keep you on track. Not only do they have special offerings that you can take FREE advantage of (Complimentary Personal Training Sessions at Speedway, Body Composition Analysis and Fitness Assessments at Oracle, etc), but they are ALL certified to assist you in your fitness journey. You can rely on them to help you form and accomplish your goals!

3 – We give you the opportunity to reward yourself. Our amenities are there to help you work out, but also for fun! Our free childcare can help you find the time you need, our equipment and classes can give you a variety of full-range workouts, and our fun-fueled theater rooms, tannings beds, saunas, and more are here to make your workout routine a fun one! We even have an on-site spa with member discounts!

When it comes to making a New Year’s Resolution into a reality, Platinum has your back! We can help you to form your dreams into realistic goals, plan your journey to accomplish them, and even help you see them through! Give us a try by taking advantage of a FREE 7-Day Pass!