Don’t Let These 4 Fitness Myths Fool You

Starting off with April Fool’s Day, this month may be made for tricks, pranks, and general funniness, but fitness isn’t a joking matter! This goes especially for advice given to those working towards their fitness goals. There are always new trends, techniques, and fad diets gaining popularity, but there are also many myths that are important to look past! This month, we’d like to break down a few of these common myths in order to help keep you on the right track.

1 – It’s best to workout in the morning. – The best time to work out is actually when you can do so most consistently! If you’re only free to work out one morning every week, but you’re free every night after 8pm, you are better deciding to keep up your routine at night. Consistency is key, so don’t hyper focus on the time of day!

2 – Weightlifting can turn your fat into muscle. – Fat and muscle cells are entirely different, so one can’t simply turn into the other! While working out can help you to burn away fat, muscles actually form in the areas surrounding fat. Don’t be fooled into thinking the process is that easy!

3 – You need to workout (x amount of time) in order to get any benefit from it. – While there are a wide variety of opinions and rumors surrounding how long you need to work out in order to gain any benefits from it, we encourage you instead to focus on finding time for a consistent workout routine, no matter how much time you have available. If you only have 30 free minutes once a week or an hour free daily, the key is consistency and ensuring that you do keep up a workout routine in order to earn the health benefits.

4 – The more you sweat, the better your workout has been. – This one is widely popular, but also false! Sweat may be the way your body vents heat, but it doesn’t always correspond to how intense your workout has been. Sweat varies person to person and it’s a matter of individuality, not a sure measure of your workout achievements!

No matter what myths you’ve heard about fitness, the Platinum team, our certified trainers, and our blog are ready to help keep you on the right track! Be wary of what workout rumors you hear– be sure to fact check when it comes to your fitness goals! To experience Platinum for yourself, claim a FREE 7-Day pass here!