How to Work Towards Your Summer Body this Month

It’s the countdown to summer and while people have always been buzzing about achieving their summer body, it’s time to kick your efforts into high gear! However, fad diets and overloading yourself with fitness are not sustainable ways to lose weight and get more in shape. Let us help you discover some healthier ways in which to get yourself prepared for summer:

1 – Make yourself a bottom line. – Figure out your minimum for what efforts you can reasonably make within your weekly routine. If you think you can easily manage going to the gym 3 times, but 4 seems like it may not work some weeks, then make 3 gym trips your baseline and add onto that when possible. This also goes for your workout routine, for example, how long you use certain equipment, how much weight you lift, how many calories you intake, etc.

2 – Consume your calories earlier in the day. – Various studies have suggested that the earlier you eat your calories, the better! Instead of focusing on cutting calories severely, consider eating no later than 4 hours before you go to sleep. If you can keep dinner light and eat a bigger lunch, then give it a try!

3 – Replace your unhealthy habits with fitness-related ones. – Are you used to going out drinking with your friends weekly? Do you enjoy your time with the TV and junk food? Give these a switch for more health-conscious hobbies! Ask your friends to join you on a hike, take a stroll around the block with your dog, or take up a class at our facilities to give yourself a fun pick-me-up without taking a step back in your progress.

4 – Go all-out during your workout sessions. – While the amount of time you dedicate to working out is important, so is the intensity you put into it! It’s often more important to feel a good impact and ensure you’re making a difference for yourself than to do something half-hearted for twice as long. Give your all to your workout sessions, either by following HIIT strategies, giving yourself an up-beat workout playlist, or focusing by leaving your cell phone out of your time at the gym.

No matter your goals for the Summer, give these tips a look for some guidance! You still have time before the Summer hits and we’re here to have your back not only during your last efforts, but throughout your fitness journey. Give Platinum a try with a FREE 7-day pass!