4 Amazing Pre-Workout Foods

Eating before a workout can seem like a struggle, because there’s a required balance. If you don’t eat at all beforehand, you can end up feeling weak, faint, and unable to go on with good performance. However, if you eat too much or too soon to your workout, you can end up feeling lethargic or sick. So, what’s the appropriate balance and what foods should you be eating before a workout to help your body make the most of it? Here are some of our favorite pre-workout choices!

1 – Bananas – This snack is quick and easy to eat, plus it’s packed with potassium! This nutrient is vital to your workout, as its levels can help dictate how your body handles fatigue and how quickly it sets in. In order to keep up your energy and delay that burnt out sensation, consider snacking on a banana or other source of potassium beforehand. Snacks like this are best when eaten 30-90 minutes before working out, so as to start digesting the nutrients!

2 – Oats – Oats are not only easy to flavor and adjust to suit your tastes, but they’re a wonderful source of fiber. Due to this, they slowly release carbs which your body can them use as energy to keep you going throughout your workout! Try pairing oats with some fruit or peanut butter before your morning workouts!

3 – Greek Yogurt – Compared to normal yogurt varieties, Greek yogurt is known for having significantly more protein! Protein is known for helping to build muscle, but also, to help you in preventing muscle damage during your workouts. If you’re hoping for high intensity, consider amping up your protein with a snack like this!

4 – Chicken or fish – If the timing is right and you’re in need of a full meal before your workout, then rely on chicken or fish for heartier forms of protein to carry you through! Just be sure to eat heavier portion sizers earlier on before your workout– at least 2-3 hours beforehand, for best results. This generous supply of protein will help your muscles perform and recover at their best, while also giving you better results in terms of muscle growth afterwards.

When it comes to what to eat pre-workout, there are a wide variety of beneficial choices available to you! It may be a matter of picking due to personal tastes or the size of your meal, but it’s best to plan what nutrients your body will be needing before your gym time. This will enable you to perform at your best, as well as reap the maximum reward for your hard work. To learn more, check out more blogs from Platinum Fitness!