How to Adjust your Fitness Routine for the Summer

In the months leading up to summer, many people put a lot of emphasis on achieving the perfect ‘summer body’. They want to be in their best shape for vacations, pool time, and overall, the whole shorts and t-shirts season. What many don’t take into account, however, is that this time of year, while it can be a good motivation to work up to, is often a time during which many fall behind their fitness goals.

Between fun plans, out of town trips, and general relaxation, it can be difficult to find time to stop into the gym and keep up your normal routine. That’s why it’s important that you switch up your routine to fit your summer!

Start off strong by working on a new routine to fit your new weekly schedule. If you’re working different hours, if you have different hobbies or interests to keep up with, or even if you have a different pick-up and drop-off schedule for your kids, it’s time to alter your gym time to better suit what other things you have going on this season. This step will make sure you can appropriately pick what times will best suit you, encouraging you to keep with your fitness goals!

Make new fitness goals to up your game and best suit your upcoming months! To keep up your momentum leading up to the summer, it’s important to heighten your goals and make sure you keep working towards bigger and better things. Increase the number of reps you do, your cardio intensity or the amount of weight you’re lifting. You can also re-evaluate where you’re at with your fitness goals in order to figure out what to work on next.

This change of seasons shouldn’t be thought of as the end of your workout goals, with the months leading up to summer bringing you to this point, but instead as another part of the year that you need to plan and adjust for. Keep up your momentum and start your season off strong with a FREE 7-Day pass from Platinum Fitness! We’ll be happy to keep you motivated and help you get your efforts on track.